Special Needs Trusts
Enhance the lives of those you most care about.
Special Needs Trusts can help purchase many life enhancing items for an individual with a disability, which their public benefits may not provide. Carol Battaglia and Mary Waltari are the foremost authorities in both first and third party special needs trust planning and the only attorneys in San Diego recognized by the nationally renowned Special Needs Alliance.
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Estate Planning
Plan For Your Family's Future.
The assets you have acquired throughout your life are important and meaningful. Make sure your family members are able to cherish them after you pass. Our office can also help you prepare for the unique challenges of passing on your assets to your loved ones and to any family members with a disability using Third Party Supplemental Needs Trusts.
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Medicaid (Medi-Cal) Planning
Discover all the Options.
Medicaid ( Medi-cal), Social Security, and other public benefits are full of complex rules and regulations. These are often difficult to decipher. Our attorneys will help you keep and optimize your benefits and our social security advocate will guide you through the process step by step.
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Manage The Court Process.
When a family member passes away without a trust, their assets may have to go through probate. Dealing with the court system can be a lengthy process, however, our office works with you step by step until your family member's probate is completed.
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Help Loved Ones Get Everything They Need.
When a child with disability turns 18 or an elderly person can no longer take care of their own needs, a conservatorship becomes necessary to help that person manage their finances, find a suitable place to live or assist with their medical needs.
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